Forex Equinox Review - Is Russ Horn's Program Any Good?

Forex trading comes with inherent risks. To enjoy the rewards, you have to absorb a certain amount of risk. Thus, it is important to find a way to profit from forex trading on a consistent basis, while minimizing the risk. The good news is there is an easy way to trade that makes regular profits possible – through Forex Equinox

What Is Forex Equinox?

A mechanical trading system by Russ Horn that allows you to trade and make money without having to monitor your positions in front of the computer, and with minimal risk. More importantly, the system takes away emotional trading, the biggest hindrance to earning profits from the forex market, from the equation. Greed and fear have been the pitfalls of many traders in the past. These emotions can adversely affect sound decision making.

To consistently make money from trading, you need to stick to a trading system that works. This is where Forex Equinox comes in. it makes sure that you have a tried and tested system, developed by an expe…

5 EMAs EA Review - Automated Trading System

PLEASE NOTE: This system is no longer available. Have a look at another high performing system such as Forex Scorpio Code

If as a beginner you're serious about forex trading, then you need to take the time necessary in order to learn the ins and outs about trading the forex market in the real world. It may take a few months of paper trading or actual online trading for the beginner to gain enough experience in trading the forex market before he feels comfortable making trades. So, don't expect to hit the ground running right out of the box. Expect that you'll need to give yourself some time to gain the requisite knowledge and experience of in-the-trenches trading.

One thing about this program that will help speed up this process is the availability of an Expert Advisor, which will alert you whenever it identifies the criteria for an entry. By setting the timer you can get alerts before a potential trade is imminent. You will need to have the MetaTrader4 charting platform, …