Can A Good Forex System Make a Bad Trader Better?

I have always wondered if a good Forex system could make a bad trader better or at least improve his results. It might sound absurd, like I have too much idle time to think but let me try to explain. What is the biggest drawback or weakness a trader has?

Having personally known many traders and watch them trade, I have concluded that it is discipline. I've seen many traders that have very good Forex systems that generated great signals but failed to act accordingly. Traders often have great trade opportunities and many times do not capitalize on them. This is usually because they have had a few bad trades and now are too scared to execute the trade and just sit there and watch as their worst fear is realized. That it was good and profitable trade and they should have been in it. The other common situation is when a trader enters a trade and he quickly learns he was wrong. In this situation there are two common mistakes that often affect many traders. The first is, the trader does not have a strict stop loss or if he does he moves it because he knows his right and the market is wrong. Obviously the market is never wrong and the trader refuses to accept this and watches as his loses increase. Prayer turns into despair and all reasonable thought is gone and the trader closes his position. I don't have to tell you what happens next, he sold at the worst time and the trade turned around as soon as he sold. You may be saying that does not occur often, think again.

The Forex systems now available can alter that ending for a trader. There are good Forex systems available on one of them is the expert advisers or Forex robots. As with anything good research is important and you have to choose the one that has a consistent track record and fits your trading style. There are those traders that feel very comfortable with them while others stay away from them. Nonetheless, it will make the trader more disciplined. The trader can adjust the Forex Robot with his favorite Forex signals and setups. The Forex Robot would force him to get out of losing trades quicker and permit him to enter and exit trades based on the what the technical signals are saying not emotions.

The other Forex system that is available, which is my favorite, is a Forex signal services where a professional trader tells the trader when to enter and exit a trade and where to put his stop loses. The best service available is run by two traders with over 30 years experience and they actually download the trade information right to your computer.. This is the ideal system were the trader just watches his account grow. This Forex Signal service has an excellent track record and you can watch the action live on your computer.

There are those that would argue that these Forex systems take all the fun out of trading. There is no thrill in trading and losing money, but watching your account grow and making money is thrilling. Who cares if you don't have total control of your trades? If you really need a thrill you can always ride a roller coaster, while he Forex robot or Forex signals service makes money for you. I do think that these Forex systems can make a bad trader improve and gives a good trader an added edge.