Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Have Financial Freedom

Many of us dream of becoming rich to live the life that we always wanted. However, being rich doesn't mean that you are always financially free. Once you become rich, you always think that your lifestyle should change and usually it becomes expensive.

There are people who had millions of money, but lost it all in just a short span of time. Just look at some of the lotto winners who won millions of pesos and have spent it all in a snap. Since they have a lot of money on hand, they bought big mansions, luxury cars and go to parties almost every night.

They spent every cent of their prize buying everything life has to offer them. Later on as time passes by, their money is getting smaller and no longer enough to sustain their chosen lifestyle. So to avoid the agony of going back to the rags once again, they resort to debts and all sort of loans out there. This is not what financial freedom is all about.

Here are 8 reasons why you need to become financially free than just aim being rich:

1) To cover all your needs. This includes your ability to give not only for your basic needs (e.g. food, shelter and clothing) but also the needs of your family. Our needs also vary from day-to-day and that most of them come with a price tag so we need financial freedom to afford it at any given situation.

2) To have what we want. With our changing world, it is not just enough to have what we need but also to get what we want. We also want to experience owning a high-end phone or the latest gadget in the market today just to beat the current trends. We don't want to become outdated and off-the-beat.

3) To be debt free. Almost every one today owns a credit card and there are situations where we really can't help but to use it. There are also pressing situations in our lives like hospitalization or death of a family member where we avail of loans from different banks just to cover some of these expenses. If we can't pay them on time and even we paid them partly, we still incur extra charges for late payment fees or interest.

4) To set up our own business. Most rich people like Henry Sy became a multi-billionaire not because of luck but because he owns shopping malls. Owning a business will help us in getting out of the so-called "rat race". If you are financially free and don't worry about paying anything, then you can build your own business too or even franchise one.

5) To build investments. Rich people don't rely on their businesses alone but also with building partnerships with other business tycoons and establishments. The do it by buying stocks on these premium corporations or companies. They also invest in foreign exchange and mutual funds. To be able to do this, you need to become financially independent.

6) To retire early. We can't work all through out our lives. Even the laws recognize it, so they mandated retirement age for the workforce. But it will be more rewarding if we can enjoy the fruits of our labor and retire early. Some of the rich people end up being poor because they have spent all their money while working and then when they retire they don't have enough money to support their lifestyle. If you have financial freedom, you can quit your job anytime you wanted.

7) To help the needy. Sharing what you have is the best gift you can give to people. Donating to charities, institutions and orphanages that help the poor and the needy will help others get out from poverty. You can't share if you don't have it.

8) To die peacefully. We can't live a lifetime. We can't even choose the exact date of our death. Later or sooner, we really don't know what might happen next. We have other people who needs our support most especially our families and since they rely on us most of the time, our sudden death will be of great impact for their living. If we are financially free, we give them security and that we can still support their needs even when we no longer exist.


You can become rich and at the same time be financially free as long as you use your money for the right reasons. Financial freedom is the key to live the life that you've always dreamed of. Not worrying about where you will get your money at any given situation adds greater security to your daily life to make sure that you cover your needs, to get what you want, to become totally out of debt, to create and build your own business, to invest, to quit your job anytime, to share and help others and to die peacefully.

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